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This thing called life….


Be Still….

I always loved this quote from the Christian Bible.  It reminds me that even when things are crazy, or not going well that I need to just stop.  Stop and be still.  What happens when we are still?  Quiet the mind?  Take a deep breath?  We start to focus on the quiet, right?  We can […]

Carpe Diem

source Can not believe September is upon us already.  When I was driving out of my development yesterday I noticed the top of a few trees were turning colors already. This will probably be another ramble post…well because I can’t help what goes through my brain and then I feel compelled to write about it. […]

Monday ramblings….

 I usually prepare my blogs for the week on Sunday’s.  We had such a busy weekend that I sat down to write last night and just couldn’t do it.  I got nothin’!  So instead of forcing a blog that just isn’t happening today, I thought I would just write some random thoughts that were floating […]