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Finish This! 13th edition

I missed last weeks edition of Finish This – but I am back!  As always I link up through wonderful bloggers: Nicole @ Three 31 http://nicoleandkevin.wordpress.com/ Lisa @ Coastlined http://lisadenoia.com/ Jen @ The Arizona Russums http://www.theazrussums.com/ Becky @ The Java Mama http://www.thejavamama.com/ And here we go! The only thing standing between me and ______ is……… […]

I love food!

I do…..I really really do.  But sometimes I get VERY frustrated with watching every little thing that goes in my mouth.  I fall off the wagon very easily, so a weekend of eating whatever I want is setting myself up for disaster!  Needless to say, the Holiday season was not my friend! I had a […]