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Caller ID “spoofing”….it is very real!

So this might be how my face looked when the Facebook messages, emails etc started coming.  People were contacting me to ask why I keep calling them.  (insert face above)  Yep, caller ID spoofing.  Never even realized such a thing existed.  But it does, it’s very real and very scary. My local newspaper (www.lancasteronline.com) tracked […]

Pages we like…

Ahhh Facebook…….we can’t live with out it!  Well I speak for myself I guess.  I love facebook.  It keeps me in touch with my dear friends & family who live far away.  I also “like” pages that interest me.  I click on that like button because the company, or subject speaks to me in some way.  […]

What would they say?

I have a good friend that posted this on his Facebook status and I thought it was very interesting and thought provoking: If the team from 60 minutes asked your family and friends to name the things most important to you, what would they say? What’s the funniest thing? What would you hope they would […]