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  Greetings my friends,   Here is a poem I found about courage:   It Takes Courage Poet Unknown   It takes strength to be firm, it takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength to conquer, it takes courage to surrender. It takes strength to be certain, it takes courage to have doubt. It […]

13 Things I Love About VaCaTiOn!

It’s finally June!  Which means many of us will be vacationing away from our homes, or doing a “stay cation”.  Both are fabulous and enjoyable.  My vacation of choice is the BEACH!  The ocean does something to me.  So here are 13 things that I love about vacation with the beach in mind.  🙂 1. […]

Finish this!

Today’s blog is 5 “finish this” sentences.  Feel free to put your answers below in the comments.  I’d love to hear how YOU would finish these sentences! 1) On Saturday morning, I usually I will sleep until our doggies wake us up because they don’t realize it’s Saturday and we can SLEEP IN!!  After they […]