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I always loved this quote from the Christian Bible.  It reminds me that even when things are crazy, or not going well that I need to just stop.  Stop and be still.  What happens when we are still?  Quiet the mind?  Take a deep breath?  We start to focus on the quiet, right?  We can stop the chatter in our minds and just be quiet.  Let Spirit take over.  Be aware of our breathing.  Know you are loved.

“Be still.  Free from fear and attachment, know the sweet joy of living in the way.”  -Buddha

No matter what religion you are, there are references to something similar.  Like the quote above from Buddha.  We can take comfort in letting go and resting in Spirit to provide help, strength and safety.

Quieting the mind takes practice.  One powerful way to quiet the mind is by practising meditation.  Today’s world is busy.  Work, school, taking care of kids, being a chauffeur.  Take time to just stop.  Quiet your mind.  Turn the television off.  Put the phone down.  Take a minute.

Be still – translation of the Hebrew word Rapa:  “to slacken, let down, or cease.”

Know that I am God – know “to properly ascertain by seeing and acknowledge, be aware.”

I like this description I found on bestillsign.com:  “To be still is a conscious state.  A state of mind where all outside forces are removed.  To surrender to the omnipresent.  To be one with the Universe.  A one way line of communication from the powers that be.  Waves of truth.”

I feel like I was supposed to write about this topic today.  Things kept popping up with “be still” in it.  A sticker I used in my planner, a song on the radio on the way to work.  Funny how these things happen.  Or maybe I’m one of the ones that needs to “be still”.  Life has been crazy lately.  Things are changing and I am faced with tough decisions.  A cross-roads if you will.   In closing, I’d like to share with you a poem I found on www.christart.com.  It is by Deborah Ann Belka.

Be Still and Know

Be still and know,

I am the one

Who will finish

What he begun

Be still and know,

I have a plan

So just rest here

In my hand.

Be still and know,

I know the way

I always do

What I say.

Be still and know,

I will not leave,

Believe My peace

You will receive.

Be still and know,

I am with you

Together in this

We’ll get through!

Thank you for reading!



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