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Captain Obvious…do you know one?


This little cartoon cracks me up.  My co-worker / friend made this.  We giggle about it often.  So if you work in a small office I’m sure you feel my pain here.

I never understood the need to point out the obvious.  I mean, I obviously KNOW that I’m making copies etc…  It’s not like I’m standing there asleep unaware of what I’m doing?!

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past 2 years, you have heard me mention that I am a Capricorn.  Capricorns are very serious about their work!  I do not feel the need to fill awkward silence with silly comments.  I don’t mind the silence.  In fact I WELCOME it.  πŸ™‚

Do you work with, or know a “Captain Obvious”?  Tell me about in the comments!

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  1. Love the cartoon. πŸ™‚ I can't say that I work with anyone like that since I stay at home. But I did use to work in a small office – of 3 people. Mostly only 2 of us in the office at a time.

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