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Finish This! 21st edition

I’ve missed a couple of these over the past month….But I’m back!  And as always I am linking up through these lovely ladies:

Lisa @ Coastlined http://lisadenoia.com/
Jen @ The Arizona Russums http://www.theazrussums.com/

Becky @ The Java Mama http://www.thejavamama.com/

Let’s get to it!
I can change the world by:  This is a HUGE statement.  I honestly do not know the answer to this.  But perhaps I could share something I saw a few days ago on a Church sign:  “A kind word could change someones entire day”.  THIS I feel could change the world if we all did this.  I am also a believer of smiling at people.  ðŸ™‚
The best career advice I ever received:  “Fake it till you make it”  YEP!  I remember someone telling me this when I gave real estate a try a few years back.  I was struggling with having to know all this information and I will never forget them saying that.  The thought behind that statement would be kind of like being confident even if you are unsure of yourself.  And boy was I ever unsure of myself.
I first fell in love:   When I was about 15!!  SO YOUNG!  Then again when my daughter was born.  
Now it’s your turn!  How would you answer these?

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Prompts for WEEK 41– October 15
I feel like a bad-ass when
One thing that always cheers me up
The quote I live by

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