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4 signs that you should make a career change…


LOL The thought has crossed my mind……my career has been weighing very heavy on my mind lately.  I’m 44 and feel like I’m going nowhere.  I’ve been at the same company for almost 25 years (with a 9 month break in there somewhere to try my hand at real estate).  So where am I going?  I don’t know.  The unknown is freaky.  So I’ve come up with 4 signs that might give you a hint that it’s time….time for a change.


You day-dream about what kind of adult beverage you’re going to have when you get home……OH YES!  This is so me lately.  I think about it often.  It takes the edge off, you know?  Helps me forget the days happenings and relax.  C’mon!  Who doesn’t like an adult beverage????  (OK OK, maybe not every night of the week….)


You start to finish the sentences of the people calling you……  Yep, I do that sometimes.  People will call in and they sometimes are confused, not sure what they mean, or just really don’t know what they are talking about.  It takes a lot of patience to sit there and listen to them ramble.  Sometimes I help them out…..LOL


You do not speak on the phone outside of your job…… Ohhhhh yea….totally me again. Seriously….text me…do not call.  LOL  Growing up (ask my Mommy!!) I used to L-O-V-E being on the phone.  I had all my friend’s phone numbers memorized.  I would yap on the phone till my Mom told me it was time to get off.  Now?  I rarely answer my cell phone.  Just the thought of talking sometimes makes me cringe.  Guess that is what happens after 25 years of yacking on the phone for a living.  Sad, but true.  So if I talk to you on the phone…..consider yourself lucky!  🙂


You start to express your opinions to management more…..  Well…this might be your personality normally.  But for me, I usually do not do this.  However, lately I find myself expressing myself more and more.  Maybe I’m just getting older, or beginning not to really care what they think of me.  The above “someecard” is funny to me….I say we are treated like mushrooms all the time.  LOL!

So there you have my 4 signs.  Can you relate to these?  Tell me in the comments!
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  1. I am glad I don't subscribe to these…yet. But at the beginning of the year was really tested. I partake in the Mushroom Mgt theory with coworkers and the public in general. Learned it form Lt! LOL

  2. I'm not a phone person either. I'd rather text and send email. Growing up my mom was always on the phone so I rarely got to use it. LOL I think it just carried over to adulthood.

  3. I know the feeling. I am happy I quit my job to be home with the kids. Though sometimes I miss being out and about but not enough to go back. 🙂

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