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Finish This! 16th edition!

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Welcome to another edition of Finish This!  Let’s get going!
If I went back to school, I would study…… Nutrition, hands down.  I spent most of my adult life really not understanding (or caring?) about what I was to eat.  It showed.  But as I grew older, I got the message.
My favorite subject in school…….  It was in Junior High….Eastern/Western Cultures.  I really enjoyed learning about countries abroad.
I wish I had paid more attention….. in American History…definitely.  
The dumbest thing I did in high school was….. (boy that’s a loaded question)  If I had to pick ONE – the time I decided to cut my hair all by myself.  WHAT?!  Yea, it was bad, very very bad.
In High School, I thought I knew……. everything.  Yea, I admit I didn’t, but just thought I did.  Looking back, I realize this.  LOL
Now it’s YOUR turn!  Tell me in the comments how you would answer these!

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Join us next week!
Prompt for WEEK 32 (August 13) is:
13 Things To Know About Me

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  1. When I was younger I thought I knew everything I admit it sometimes I still do. Now being in college I miss how simple high school was, even though I hated it, I'd go back. aha

  2. I think we all tend to think we know it all in high school, like we think as teenagers our worlds are our own or that we have things figured out.. little do we know the big picture and the big world that is awaiting us and how wrong we all were about most things..

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