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Finish This! 12th edition

Times flies!  Can’t believe it’s time for another ‘finish this’!  Like every week, I am linking up through:

Lisa @ Coastlined http://lisadenoia.com/
Jen @ The Arizona Russums http://www.theazrussums.com/

Becky @ The Java Mama http://www.thejavamama.com/

Let’s do this!
It’s never too late……  to accomplish bucket list items.  I totally just did this last weekend.  My family and I took a 5-hour comprehensive kayaking course!  It was fun and we had a blast.
I compare myself to others….. way too much.  I don’t know why we’re so hard on ourselves.  We are our own worst enemies.  I’m constantly comparing myself to others and I wish I wouldn’t.   
My personality is…… quiet…for the most part.  Until you get to know me, then I open up a lot more.  I’m a Capricorn, so sometimes I might come off as aloof, but I’m not really….just reserved I guess.  ğŸ™‚
I can…….. do customer service like nobody’s business!  For real.  I think I can do my job with my eyes closed. But I am totally burning out.  I hate being on the phone anymore and I would love to work in a room all by myself.  hehe
I embrace change……  not too well sometimes.  Not sure if it’s the Capricorn in me or what.  I like having a schedule and like to know what is coming next.  When things fall out of plan I get a little weird.  LOL!
Share your answers with me in the comments below!  Hope you’re having a good week so far!

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  1. Well done on the Kayaking Class!! What a great (healthy) activity for you to do with your family!! That's a great answer – completing bucket list items.. We wrote ours out years ago and it might be the time to bring them back out to start checking a few off. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. God bless those that can do customer service the right way! I worked in CS for years and years and some people (me at times) are not cut out for it.

  3. it has really helped me in my life outside of work…like how to treat people when I call a place for customer service. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of an angry customer! I try to keep that in mind when I'm on the other end. 🙂

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