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Ashley Bridget – bracelet love!

Aren’t they pretty?  I saw these advertised on Facebook and fell in love with the white one (Escapes).  When I went to order it I also saw the the black “Capricorn” sign bracelet.  I had to get both and it came with a sweet discount off so I couldn’t resist.
I have very small wrists.  In fact so small that most watches and bracelets are so big that they fall off when I put my arm down.  So when I find a bracelet that actually fits me, I get very excited!!  There are adjustable lengths.
The only thing about these is they are hard to put on by yourself.  I have a “bracelet buddy” and it’s even hard to put on with that.  I had to have my husband help me clasp it.  LOL!  But other than that I love them!
Click below to go to their online store to check them out!
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