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Public Speaking

So the topic is simply….public speaking.  I think I broke out in a sweat just thinking about it. 
I don’t like it.  I avoid it at all costs.  I refuse.
Yep, those are my thoughts on that subject.  I don’t even like going to seminars where you break out in to groups and someone has to report back to the entire room what your group came up with. I don’t like talking in groups of people.  I don’t really enjoy talking to people I really don’t know that well.  Wow, that makes me sound like a snob.  I’m really not — honest!!!  It’s just who I am I guess.
I noticed that a lot of fellow bloggers are the same way as I am.  Perhaps we use writing as out outlet instead of speaking.  This might be why we all get along so well!  I prefer to write my thoughts down instead of presenting said thoughts out loud to a room full of people.  
So tell me….are there any people out there who “enjoy” public speaking?  If so, let me hear you! Or maybe it’s not something that is enjoyed, rather they just get through the first 5 minutes then they are fine.  HA!
How do you feel about public speaking?

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  1. So…..I hate talking socially unless it is with someone I am extremely comfortable with, someone who knows me inside and out and has still stuck around despite that. Otherwise it terrifies me and nothing comes out of my mouth correctly. I feel so awkward and I make everyone else feel awkward too. When I have had to speak publicly in a class or to make sales presentations I worry a lot before I do it, more so about what they will think of what I look like, my clothes, etc. When I am speaking about something where I know what Ia m talking about and it is not about me but about a topic I am cool with that. So even though I want to die if I have to go have dinner with someone I do not know well, I can stand up in front of tens of people and make a presentation. Weird, huh?

  2. Definitely NOT weird! Everyone is different. I am socially awkward at times too. I'm more comfortable around people I know VERY well. Dinner with someone who is practically a stranger would make me want to crawl under the dinner table. LOL!!!

  3. I used to hate it, but since I am a teacher, it was something I had to get over quickly. Now, I actually enjoy it. I've presented at conference, and speak in front of large groups at meeting quite frequently. My public speaking class in college really helped.

  4. I don't mind public speaking… I used to be afraid of it, but -I have gotten used to it… Funny thing is, in my linked in profile, I have so many people who 'endorse' me for public speaking… it is my number one thing that people endorse…this worries me! LOL

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