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The pressure to be “perfect”

I saw this video floating around facebook while back.  I already knew that models and other ‘famous’ people do not look like we see them on TV and in magazines.  I’ve seen the tabloid magazines showing the stars caught on camera with out make up etc.  This is very disturbing to me!

If you haven’t seen this video, please watch it now.  See for yourself how society has clouded the way we think we should look.  The pressure for our young girls to be perfect is frightening. I cringe to think that a size 12 is considered a plus size!  How is this possible?  To me, this is an average, normal size.  I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

Sometimes I feel the pressure to be perfect.  Yep, even at 44.  I always say that we are our own worst enemies when it comes to how we see ourselves.  Let’s face it, we are.  I am very hard on myself.  I’m always stressing about what I can eat that fits in to my plan and forget about the exercising part!  I feel guilty if I miss a work out or if I’m having a craptastic week at work and just can’t drag myself to the gym.  I guess it’s human nature, but wish we didn’t torture ourselves like this.

 So what are your thoughts?  Do you find yourself feeling the pressure to be perfect?  photo blogsignature_zpsb2df6ee1.png

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  1. Definitely!! I have a huge problem with perfectionism in and of itself. Then to add societal pressure of how I am "supposed" to feel it is really a huge, heavy load to carry! Magazines don't help with their airbrushing either. I am on the road to self love and acceptance and trying to learn not to compare my 40+ self to those 20+ waifs. LOL

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