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Finish This! 6th Edition

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!  It’s time for another Finish This post!  I am linking up with:

A lesson I learned from my Mom…..

I have learned many lessons from my Mom over the years!  But the one I chose was “do not stare at people who are different than you”.  (meaning like if someone has a disability)  I grew up knowing that people that were different were just like me and you.  And starring at them only makes them more uncomfortable than they probably already are.  I feel this was being taught to us at a young age, because little did we know, my Sister’s Son, Benjamin was born with Williams Syndrome.  It was good practice.  ðŸ™‚
To burn calories, I…..

Normally I try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week.  I’ll do the treadmill or elliptical and also do some strength training.  I just committed myself to a 4 week boot camp class.  (2 classes a week) This is NO JOKE!  For real!  Tonight is my 3rd class and I’m still sore from Monday’s class.  hehe
My best hair day was……

I can’t recall one day in particular, except maybe my wedding day.  Every time my Heather-Feather cuts my hair the salon, I always feel like I’m having a good hair day.  She always styles it for me.  Love her!

I am grateful for…..

Oh many things!  I am grateful for a roof over my head, a job that helps provide for my family, an insurance plan that helps take care of my health.  I am grateful for my family & my friends!

Now it’s YOUR turn!  How would you answer these questions?  Feel free to answer them in the comments below!

Join me next week as I write about these:

My favorite recipe is….
I believe in…..
I need to set boundaries…..
I began living when….

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  1. Bootcamp? Man you are hardcore! My bootcamp is trying on different shoes with an outfit just to find the right one! LOL

    Right now I am grateful there is only 16 more days of school left!! I am ready for some time off and recharge. I think I have teacher-itis!

  2. Not staring at someone with a disability really hit home with me when my son was born. On the other hand, immediately looking away is not good either. I learned to just make eye contact and smile–the way I would with anyone else.

  3. My best hair day as of late was on a day I was going to a one year old's birthday party. Had a date with the husband a week later and couldn't figure out how to recreate the look LOL.

  4. I need to set boundaries on blogging -sometime it takes up too much of my time! If I get up early and stay up late, I feel better that I get more done and can spend more time enjoying family.

  5. Just saying hey from the link up 🙂 Lucky to have a daughter that is a hair stylist!! That's something to be grateful in itself 🙂

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