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Finish This! 5th edition

Thanks for joining me for another Finish This!  As always, I’m linking up with fellow bloggers:

Here we go!

1) I feel energized when….
I get a good work out in.  I may not want to do it, but I’m sure glad I did when I’m finished!

2) I feel small when..
I’m complaining about my own life and then see someone else that clearly is having a harder time than myself.

3) I feel big when.
       I fall off the food/exercise wagon and my clothes feel tight.  🙁

      4) I feel indestructible when…
      Not sure I’ve ever felt indestructible.  Well except maybe while training for the 1/2 marathon.  

      5) I feel stupid when.
      I’m trying to figure out HTML for my blog.  The simplest thing such as adding a font seems so difficult.  

6) I feel smart when….
I’m answering technical questions at my job.  

Join me next week as we explore these questions:

A lesson I learned from my Mom…..

To burn calories, I…

My best hair day was…
I am grateful for….


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  1. I feel stupid and old when I can't figure out the technical stuff but often times after I accomplish it…. I think that maybe I am tricking my mind into thinking it is harder than what it really is.

  2. I'm miserable during a SWEAT class but feel AWESOME when I'm done!!! Good luck with HTML, that's another foreign language to me. Thanks for joining the link up! xo, Nicole

  3. I felt indestructible when giving birth lol.

    The HTML thing will click before you know it 🙂

    I wish I could feel that way from a good workout. Right now I just feel like I failed. sigh. That sounded way sadder than I meant it to be lol

  4. 1) I feel energized when….
    I work out or go to a dance class.

    2) I feel small when…..
    I am embarrassed.

    3) I feel big when…
    Standing next to a thin woman.

    4) I feel indestructible when…
    I've never felt that way, really.

    5) I feel stupid when….
    I'm trying to figure out SEO and HTML

    6) I feel smart when….
    Helping people in history

  5. Oh I can be the same way with the blog html – I was trying to add in google authorship, and I was so frustrated for DAYS. I finally got it and wondered why it took me so long to figure it out, it was so simple lol

  6. LOL!! Sounds like me! And I use Blogger which I thought might be the easier platform to use. HAHA! I'm sure once I figure it out I'll have an AHA moment. 🙂

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