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This was one of my views this morning while walking on a local rail trail.  When the weather get nice I prefer to exercise outside instead of the gym.  This time of year is perfect!  Temperature is just right, not too cold, not too hot.  

So I’m all ready…little wrist weights on, my iHeart radio tuned to my favorite station and I’m doing my warm-up pace.  After that I start to pick up the pace a little.  Finally I’m cruising along at what I thought was a pretty brisk pace. I can feel people approaching me from the side.  I suddenly was passed by two (clearly older than me) people who were also walking.  What the WHAT?!  They just effortlessly zoomed right on past me.  Guess my “brisk pace” wasn’t as brisk as I thought!!

Ok, I thought to myself, time to pick it up.  So I push a little faster.  Again, I can feel someone approaching me from the side.  This time I was passed by a (clearly older than me) woman who was RUNNING!  Oh man, I’m feeling a little bad about myself now.  So I decide to wog (a word I like to describe how I RUN – a cross between a “walk” and a “jog”).  While doing intervals, my mind starts to drift back to a few years ago when I was training with my BFF for a 1/2 marathon.

We trained many times on this very trail.  It was quite an experience.  I have to say that the training schedule was far worse than the actual 1/2 marathon itself.  It was grueling! While I was able to cross that off my bucket list at 40 years old, I really have no desire to run a 1/2 again.  LOL  I don’t mind wogging since it is as good workout; just not for training purposes.  

I am reminded of this quote that I see on Facebook every once and awhile:  

  • “If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.”          John Bingham

So if you run, then just run!  Or in my case…WOG!  πŸ™‚

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  1. That's a great quote. You have to be comfortable with where you are in your training and not worry about the people who pass you, as long as you enjoy yourself and get a great workout. Dropping by from SITS–have a great weekend!

  2. What a great reminder! I definitely get self conscious sometimes, but it's nice to slow down and move at my own pace without worrying about everyone else.

  3. That's right girl! I almost fell out at the gym once when I tried to keep up with "real runners" on the treadmill LOL! Now I focus on myself πŸ™‚

  4. Love the word WOG. πŸ™‚ I am terrible at running, walking, or wogging… I try hard not to notice all the others passing me because it just discourages me. Focus and just do your best!

  5. HAHA! Funny word it is! My BFF thought we made up that word ourselves, come to find out it's already a slang word in use out there! Too funny! But so true for me. πŸ™‚

  6. I am a wogger. Glad to know I am not the only one! I did a 3K once (bucket list too) and got passed by the lady in the wheelchair being pushed by the older, umm, bigger lady…twice!! That put a little spring in my step and I finished before them. That was my only goal for the day. LOL! Dropping in from SITS.

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