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Full moon?! I KNEW IT!

Tomorrow is full moon.  What does that mean really?  Whenever this time comes I’m always reminded by the type of phone calls I get, or how people I work with are reacting to situations.  If you have read my other entries, you know I’m a customer service representative by day.  This puts my full moon radar in overdrive during this time.
Other weird things will happen too.  Like this morning I come in to work and realize my head set is DOA.  Dead. Not happening.  Guess I was in a hurry to get out of here on Friday that it didn’t click back in the charging cradle properly.  Grrrr
And my computer?  Forget about it!  It’s been locking up on me all day so far.  Then there are the off-the-wall questions that start coming in.  Or confusion with emails.  You name it. 
So I’m not sure what it is about the full moon.  It makes weird people even weirder. 
What kinds of things do you notice around full moon?

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  1. Like you, my machines go haywire. Stupid things break, things I never think of breaking, like a blender or a week wacker. My kids get HYPER! People get angrier. Like you, I do customer service too, I work it from home. I have to annoy people a lot trying to get them to buy more stuff lol. They get especially pissed when it's a full moon.

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