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Week 4 already!  I love doing these and I hope you enjoy reading and commenting too.  As always, I participate in this link up through fellow bloggers:

1)  My last growing pain was…..
I’m sure I have had growing pains since this, but the one that sticks out in my mind the most is from 1999.  My Grandmother, who we lived next door to, had a stroke and passed away a week later.  This was a huge growing pain for me.  As my husband and I went in to her house and found her.  It was a very hard time for my whole family.
2)  I grow and nurture……

from reading, writing and listening to music.  I like to read inspirational books to lift me up.  I like to write to nurture my soul, and listening to music lifts me up and nurtures my soul together.

3)  The guilt-free snack I enjoy most….
is a hard boiled egg.  LOL I know that seems strange, but they really are a guilt-free snack.  Loaded with protein and low in calories, I love ’em!
4)  The best reason to stay up all night…..
Is there a good reason?  I don’t think so!!  I like to sleep too much.  Besides, there is NO WAY I could stay awake all night anymore.  ๐Ÿ™‚
5)  If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d…..
go crazy.  For reals!  I probably would die from lack of technology, my favorite foods and not having music.  I cringed just thinking about it.  HA!
Join me next week as we explore these questions…

Prompts for WEEK 18 (May 7) are: I feel an adrenaline rush when โ€ฆ
I feel energized when โ€ฆ
I feel small when โ€ฆ
I feel big when โ€ฆ
I feel indestructible when โ€ฆ
I feel stupid when โ€ฆ
I feel smart when โ€ฆ

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  1. oh Amber, it's so difficult to watch our loved ones suffer. And I agree with you on the sleep topic, I'm too old to stay up past 11:00 anymore!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining the link up this week, it really is a lot of fun answering these prompts.


  2. The hard boiled egg? WOW! Too funny. I am sorry about your grandmother and you having to witness that. My grandmother is my world and I would love it if she lived next door.. my husband would never see me.

  3. Yum, love hard boiled eggs! Definitely know what I'm making later. I put chocolate as my guilt free snack, ha I just don't feel guilty eating chocolate I guess. Happy Thursday!!

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