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Finish This! 3rd edition

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I’m so glad that Spring is finally here!  I can see the trees starting to bud and it makes me very happy!  
It’s time for another Finish This!  A link up I participate in by fellow bloggers:


1)  My favorite makeup item is…

AVON tinted moisture – I LOVE this stuff!  It has sunscreen in it, which is very important.  It’s very light for summer-time.  I even wear it in the winter I love it so much!  I was so bummed when I heard they do not make this anymore.  I’ll have to hunt down a new brand to love when I’m finished with this tube.  booooo!

2)  The best book I’ve ever read was ______ because….

I can’t choose just one.  My favorite author was Sylvia Browne (RIP).  I loved reading all her books.  They just spoke to me.  She passed away a few months ago.  ðŸ™

3)  My favorite TV show is….

I know I can’t be alone when I say SOA!  (Son’s of Anarchy)  OH MAN I love this show!  When I had my gall bladder out in March I totally binged watched Season 1 through 6 while I was off work.  LOL!  Can’t wait till it starts back up again in September.

4)  The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is…..

Well, I’m a Capricorn, so spontaneous doesn’t really describe us too well!  But if I had to name something, it was signing up to train and run a 1/2 marathon with my best friend.  (Don’t have to do THAT again!!)

5)  I prefer dogs/cats because…..

There is no doubt that I am a dog person.  Nothing against cats…guess I’m just not a cat person!  I grew up having dogs and I’ve had them my whole adult life.  <3

6)  I met my significant other…..

AT WORK!  yuck!  haha!  I was good friends with his cousin and she introduced us.  He moved on to another job, but I am still there 20 some years later.  (what is wrong with me?!?!?)

So, now it’s YOUR turn!  How would you answer these questions?

Join me next week when we explore these questions:

My last growing pain was…
I grow and nurture…
The guilt-free snack I enjoy most….
The best reason to stay up all night….
If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d…

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  1. I love this link up! Ill have to come back and join. I may be the only one who has not seen SOA. But I'm with you on being unspontaneous but Lt is trying to work on that! lol

  2. I have loved SOA since the first trailer I saw on tv. However, I am a season behind 🙁 so I better get cracking! This looks fun, like the games we play on facebook, I think I might take the time to join in 🙂

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