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Caller ID “spoofing”….it is very real!

So this might be how my face looked when the Facebook messages, emails etc started coming.  People were contacting me to ask why I keep calling them.  (insert face above)  Yep, caller ID spoofing.  Never even realized such a thing existed.  But it does, it’s very real and very scary.

My local newspaper (www.lancasteronline.com) tracked me down the other day wanting to talk to me about this.  Strangely enough someone in Maryland took the time to trace the phone number extensively and somehow ended up at the Newspaper main office.  It just keeps getting stranger by the minute. It was front page news and the link to the article is below.

The reason I am putting this out there is because if I didn’t know this could happen to me, then I’m sure a lot of you out there don’t know about it either.  I feel this was an invasion of my privacy and very disruptive to my life.  This should not be happening, yet it does.

Telephone nightmare: Lititz woman was victim of telemarketing ‘spoofers’


  1. That is just unreal! Now I wonder when I see a number on my caller ID if that is the real number. A lot of times I see a local number and it winds up to be a "junk" call.

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